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Jabra is best known for its wireless products, such as smartphone Bluetooth headsets and the like. But headphones being very hot items right now alongside mobile devices, the company seemingly decided to enter the market and release their own in the form of the Jabra Revo.

The Jabra Revo is a sleek, modern-inspired on-ear headphone that offers no additional gimmicks other than pure performance and superior comfortability. It's very basic at initial sight, but there's more than meets the eye with this pair. Seeing that there's a wireless version of the Revo, this review would be about the wired.


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The Jabra Revo starts off with a black-gray-orange color scheme followed by a good headphone design. The headband has moderately good flexibility, the contour of which follows the shape of the head, so one does not need to flex the band too much. This is versus other on-ear headphones which bands has great flexibility but looks awkward when worn. The band itself has an air-filled rubber cushion which provides wonderful grip and comfort when worn. The cups' earpads meanwhile sport what is apparently memory foam - a special type of soft foam which "saves" the contours of your ears for a better fit next time you wear it - over a leather skin. The cups also conveniently feature left and right labels in huge letters on top of an orange mesh, making the headphone easier to identify and navigate.

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The headphones' arms extend a couple of centimeters, allowing room for people with larger heads. The cups also have some swivel room (does not rotate 180 degrees), albeit only allowing minor movement. As for compactness and mobility, the Jabra Revo folds up neatly, though it's not as compact as I would personally prefer. Regardless, it fitted in my daily backpack with ease.

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Both the cups feature a headphone jack each, located at the base of the cups. The extra jack's purpose is apparently to let another headphone user plug into the Revo and listen to what you're listening in real-time.

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Similar to most premium on-ear headphones, the Jabra Revo features a tangle-resistant detachable cord, finished in an orange cloth wrap. The cord also features an integrated remote control and microphone for answering calls and adjusting audio volume without reaching for your smartphone, albeit optimized for iOS.


On the previous paragraphs it was mentioned that the Jabra Revo offers no gimmicks other than pure performance. It starts off with great mids, wonderful and sustained lows (no muddy sound), albeit the highs sounded a slightly higher than my personal preference. I've played the Revo with multiple music genres (EDM, bass heavy, bossa, metal, and K-POP among others), and as wide as the musical range that I played, the Jabra Revo was completely capable of carrying its own, and sounded suitable on most, if not all, audio I tried it with. Overall it's just sound being reproduced with great definition.

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The soundstage is okay; it doesn't give you the sense of being completely in a stage. To be fair, some premium on-ear headphones more expensive than the Revo are also guilty of providing just an okay soundstage. As to sound leaking from the Revo while playing, there's quite some spill going on, which ideally shouldn't be happening on on-ears, especially when worn. It's something that you can let easily slip because it's a non-issue at its level.

As far as noise isolation goes, the Jabra Revo shuts you out from the outside world starting at around 60% sound strength. Anything lower would let you hear sound in your immediate surroundings.

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With regards to comfortability, the Jabra Revo is definitely amongst my personal top five on comfort. Simply put, after some time you'll forget that you're wearing the Revo. The headphones also doesn't clamp on your head or ears too hard. I've experienced many a time headphones that press on your ears too tight making it hurt after a few minutes of prolonged listening sessions. There's also not much of a sweat buildup around the ear area, unlike other bigger on-ears.

Other Features

The Jabra Revo also features its own exclusive Jabra Sound App - a mobile Dolby Digital Plus player that allows you to create and browse playlists, share music, and adjust your headphones' settings through the app's digital equalizer.


Admittedly, I was totally caught offguard with the Jabra Revo. It's a beautiful device I'll give it that, but at first sight, it's not as fashion-focused as other headphone brands. That's not where the surprises end though. It's actually a very decent pair of headphones that one can use every day, given the superior comfort and on-par audio performance present in the device. The design and the materials used in its construction are very durable and tough (it felt like it can take serious wear & tear), and the sound it emits are masterfully produced. These two are the primary points that people look for in cans anyway. Talk about judging a book by its cover - or in this case, a headphone by its box.

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The above said, if you're looking for a very solid headphone for half the price of premium on-ear and over-ear models, you should seriously consider getting the Jabra Revo.

The Jabra Revo is available at Expansys Philippines at www.expansys.ph for P5,500.

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