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The call center industry is one of the biggest producer of jobs here in the Philippines. Not only do they give people a way to put food on the table, they also treat their employees as a family, giving them a feeling of being closer to home. One such organization that constantly strives to achieve a work-life balance for all of its employees is TeleTech.

TeleTech Pioneer Visit

TeleTech has started its Philippine operations in 2001 and has expanded significantly ever since. To date, it is the second biggest call center in the Philippines, having 15 offices and 25,000 employees nationwide. On a personal note, I'm having a hard time comprehending that many people working for one company. Maybe they are genuinely happy working for TeleTech. After all, it's not everyday company of this scale regularly promotes internal events that aim to knit a tighter community. As I was told, some of their events are very intimate, such as birthday and anniversary celebrations; there's also the usual summer outing; and lastly, an Awards Night that recognizes the company's best performers nationwide.

TeleTech recently invited a group of bloggers, including me, to take a go at their Mandaluyong office. One thing I quickly noticed even before entering their complex is its proximity to residential areas. On one side, it's just a jeep away from all those living in Mandaluyong. On the other side, it's just a train or a bus ride, then a couple of meters walk to people living in other cities. Personally, I deeply value the distance of a workplace from my home; traveling, with and without a privately-owned car, is such a killer, especially with EDSA's worsening traffic. It just shaves hours off of your day instead of using it to rest or do something productive. The second thing I noticed is how up-to-date their complex is. People love working in a nice-looking environment, and it usually produces better employee output. Working for an organization with dilapidated equipment doesn't boost morale. And third, I just love how engaging their employees are. These are people that turn their nights to days and days to nights, yet even considering their exhaustion, the employees we met managed to chat with us and give us a better insight of the company.

TeleTech Call Center Training

Among the fun activities I recall we did while on visit was to be an actual agent. Well, not actually. We didn't talk with a real person with a real inquiry. Nevertheless, we sat in front of a computer, wore headsets call center agents use, and practiced with one of their programs. What I found awesome was the simplicity of operating their training programs with the program itself being very sophisticated as it contained multiple facets of the call center business. Surprisingly, this platform also contained a blogging service. Maybe TeleTech allows its employees to blog while working? They also offer cool incentives to both applicants and employees by bringing them closer to taking home an awesome gadget and other prizes! They even gave out an XBOX 360 to a lucky blogger randomly!

TeleTech XBOX 360

All in all, I had a wonderful time at our quick visit at TeleTech. Their office was well-made, it was near my place, but most importantly, I found their employees wonderful. Being inside in there, even for a short time, was like being closer with your extended family in your extended home. If I was to be a call center agent, I'm definitely considering TeleTech first in my list.

TeleTech Pioneer Mandaluyong

For more information and career opportunities, visit www.TeleTechJobs.com. Like their page on Facebook as well at https://www.facebook.com/TeleTechPilipinas

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