PlayStation Pro and PlayStation Slim Announced, Starts at $299

Sony Entertainment recently announced two PlayStation models at their PlayStation 4 Pro event: The PlayStation 4 Pro, and the slimmer PlayStation 4.

The PlayStation 4 Slim will be replacing the original PlayStation 4 (as stocks deplete), and will be available later this month. Pricing will start at $299 at most regions, so that would be around PHP 14,000 when converted.

PlayStation Pro and PlayStation Slim Announced, Starts at $299
PlayStation 4 Pro

The PlayStation 4 Pro meanwhile will start shipping on November 10, starting at $399—roughly around PHP 20,000. The device, which was previously codenamed Neo, highlights better specifications—such as 4K video support, and AMD's Polaris architecture—and was designed with the hardcore gamer in mind. It wasn't designed to replace current PS4 units, but is said to be sold alongside them.

One thing unsaid in the announcement but should be mentioned nonetheless is that 1st generation PS4 units should get a significant price cut to make way for these newer models. Perhaps it could be your time to own one, given that the holiday season is fast approaching.

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