ASUS ROG Premium Care Gives Your Gaming Laptop VIP Treatment

ASUS ROG Premium Care Gives Your Gaming Laptop VIP Treatment

If you have a ROG series laptop or an FX series notebook, then you're in luck. ASUS recently rolled out a program called "ROG Premium Care" which offers free diagnosis and preventive maintenance from an ASUS technical expert from selected Authorized Service Partner (ASP). But as with all good things, there's a catch (which you shouldn't worry about if you sourced your ROG legitimately):

1) ROG/FX product must have a 24-month warranty
2) Purchased through authorized local resellers
3) Warranty not void due to customer-induced damage
4) Serial number (SN) verified through the ASUS System Database

As long as your ROG or FX product has these for qualifications, then you're going to get care from ASUS nationwide. That's right - nationwide.

Your qualified ROG or FX notebook will undergo the following VIP treatment:

Step 1: Over-All System Diagnosis
Step 2: Thermal Compound Re-pasting
Step 3: Fan / Air Vent cleaning
Step 4: Memory “golden pins” cleaning
Step 5: Keyboard Cleaning
Step 6: Cosmetics Part Cleaning
Step 7: LCD Cleaning
Step 8: Recommendations
Step 9: Final Over-All System Check-Up

Imagine doing that yourself or asking someone from shady shops in Gilmore to do this for you. No, actually don't imagine it. Let ASUS do it for you.

The ASUS ROG Premium Care program will start rolling out at ASUS Authorized Service Partners this November 2017.

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